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A very special Welcome back to the life and times of

Associate Companies within the D&N Group

You have reached the OFFICIAL website for past members of that legendary company, Dan Air Services Ltd and its Associate Companies. The company stopped trading in November 1992 and since 29 March 1999 John Johnson (an ex-line engineer at Gatwick) has kept this website running off his own bat. I'm the chap who issues the "User Name & password" for the secure pages and I'm taking this opportunity to publically thank JJ for the continued great work he does keeping The Spirit of Dan Air alive.

Through this website ex-DA friends/colleagues will be able to keep in touch and share the great times we had together. If you have any questions related to DA or membership to the Staff Association (£10/year/family), then fire them off to: That address can be used for our web sales enquiries too.

For up to date DA "hot news" and events please visit our sister website: top toolbar, right hand side, second tab in, "DASA News". That should keep you well informed.

Memories live for a considerable time, so please don't be shy sharing some of your own Dan Air ones here, be they photographs or stories.

Whilst I've stopped my APB's I still issue "Passwords" to bona fide DA personnel: front page, Members tab, first link. Quite a lot of "password" holders embellish their DA contact experience by becoming DASA members enabling you to keep solidly in touch.

We wish all ex-Dan Air people and "visitors" our kindest wishes.


Captain Bryn Wayt

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